Reliable Phone Services

AAA Data Solutions uses only Carrier Grade circuits and equipment. We design and install very reliable and resilient VOIP networks. If your Internet connection fails, the 4G backup network keeps your phones, PMS, POS terminals and reservations running. Our service is not the low-end cable, Arris Modem, best effort, co-ax service with no failover, offered by some of our cable TV competitors.

Our Cloud-hosted SIP servers are geo-redundant (located on opposite sides of the US) and automatically switch over in the very rare event that one of them becomes unavailable. We’ve not had one of our networks go down in over four years. That’s reliable.

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP stands for session initiation protocol, and it’s a method for sending voice over the internet. Phone lines have been primarily based on analog copper wires that branched across the country and ended in the sockets in your walls. Those terminals were called “trunks,” and each one corresponded to a specific phone number.

SIP trunks, by contrast, are entirely virtual and don’t correspond to a particular location or piece of hardware. When a user places a phone call, a session is initiated that connects to another phone number and sends voice data back and forth.

If you are looking for a better way for communication for your business, this technology is guaranteed to be the best decision you have made. We invite you to contact us today, please just feel out the short form and we will schedule a time to talk.

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